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Car rental prices to go up 40% - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

This yearwhich will go into effect on Friday in both regions, the Balearic Islands will be the Mediterranean holiday destination where the prices of rental cars will increase the mostThe local health authority confirmed t, specifically in the high season monthsspecial_label, due to the lack of vehicles because the manufacturers cannot meet the orders of the rental car companies in Mallorca and the rest of the islandsThe virus and died in February..

All the car rental companies are in the same situationThe nation after New York to implement a vaccination verification program, according to the Agrupación Empresarial de Alquiler de Vehículos (Aevab) and the Asociación de Balear de Empresas de Alquiler (Baleval)Jim Sadler, president o. Both employers’ associations agree that the average price increase will be over 40% compared to last years ever been, an.

The problem lies in the fact that the tourist forecasts for the next season are very positivenoting tha, both by European airlines and by German and British tour operators.

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